Upcoming exhibitions: Nextcomic Festival + The Millionaires Club

My comic book Steroid Max is finished and therefore I will be attending two comic festivals in March. First I’ll be at The Millionaires Club in Leipzig together with fellow Posterkrauts Palefroi, Rainbow Posters, Carlo Vivary and Fuzzgun as well as many other amazing artists like Elvisdead, Tonto Comics or Tommi Musturi.  One week later Steroid Max will be officially presented at Nextcomic Festival for which I designed this year’s festival poster.

March 13-15, 2015 – The Millionaires Club @ GfZK, Leipzig (FB event)

March 19-22, 2015 – Nextcomic Festival @ Stadtwerkstatt, Linz (FB event)

Michael Hacker Nextcomic