Last day of my Häcksler Kickstarter campaign

A little bit more than one day left to support my current Kickstarter campaign. We hit four stretch goals and we’re already half way to stretch goal #5. That means Häcksler #3 will be printed on nicer paper and every backer gets three extra stickers for free!

A couple of days ago I decided to work on a comic idea I had in my mind for almost four years. I always thought to myself “Is this even funny?” and “Hasn’t anybody done this  already anyway?” and so on. Finally I sat down for about three or four  hours and just did it (and tried to avoid getting caught up in my  perfectionism)! This comic won’t make it into Häcksler #3 but as some of you gave me some tips (Thanks a lot!) I decided to spend the extra money on a free postcard for every backer!

Thanks to everyone who already supported this campaign and/or shared it on their social media channels!

The campaign ends on Thursday, 2 March at 9PM CET!