20 years of Noise Appeal Records

I’m happy to let you know that I did a poster design for the upcoming 20 years celebrations of Noise Appeal Records this April at Chelsea Vienna.

Three days of concerts with bands like Heckspoiler, Baits, Scarabeusdream, Hella Comet, Phal:Angst, Fuckhead, Lausch and many more. Tickets and details on https://20.noiseappeal.com/

There will be also a signed and limited screen printed version of the poster available at the shows (and in my store after that)…

Last day of my Häcksler Kickstarter campaign

A little bit more than one day left to support my current Kickstarter campaign. We hit four stretch goals and we’re already half way to stretch goal #5. That means Häcksler #3 will be printed on nicer paper and every backer gets three extra stickers for free!

A couple of days ago I decided to work on a comic idea I had in my mind for almost four years. I always thought to myself “Is this even funny?” and “Hasn’t anybody done this  already anyway?” and so on. Finally I sat down for about three or four  hours and just did it (and tried to avoid getting caught up in my  perfectionism)! This comic won’t make it into Häcksler #3 but as some of you gave me some tips (Thanks a lot!) I decided to spend the extra money on a free postcard for every backer!

Thanks to everyone who already supported this campaign and/or shared it on their social media channels!

The campaign ends on Thursday, 2 March at 9PM CET!

Yay! Häcksler #3 is funded!

Häcksler #3 will be made! Thanks to everyone who supported this project already! 

During the last days I came up with some ideas for stretch goals. The first one is printing Häcksler #3 on really nice paper stock (Premium Munken) instead of regular white paper. For every other goal we hit I’ll add some free goodies to each pledge level!

You can support the Kickstarter campaign and get some exclusive items until Thursday, March 2, 2023!

Maybe I’m too confident but I already made some samples of these fancy die-cut vinyl stickers…

Häcksler #3 Kickstarter campaign!

Honestly I should be working on issue #4 of El Herpez. But I decided to make on another issue of my Häcksler comic book series. But this crowdfunding campaign is more than just a distraction or procrastination. I want to use this campaign as an opportunity to overcome my perfectionism and to allow myself to experiment. Ultimately I want to make more comics (© Cartoonist Kayfabe) but my perfectionism isn’t helping.

So with Häcksler #3 I want to try out new styles and ways of making my comics. The stories will have the same quality, I just want to give myself more freedom regarding the final artwork.

My Kickstarter campaign goes runs from February 7 to March 2, 2023!

There are a lots of rewards like signed books (with a little drawing), art prints, original artworks, a hand-painted skull replica and much more.

You can find all the details on the project’s Kickstarter page.

If you live in Vienna and want to support my Kickstarter campaign but also want to save shipping costs there will be a possibility to pick up your reward yourself! Please send a mail to store@michaelhacker.at so we can figure out the details…