Häcksler #3 Kickstarter campaign

Honestly I should be working on issue #4 of El Herpez. But I decided to make another issue of my Häcksler comic book series first. But this crowdfunding campaign is far more than just a distraction or procrastination. I want to use this campaign as an opportunity to overcome my perfectionism and to allow myself to experiment. Ultimately I want to make more comics (© Cartoonist Kayfabe) but my perfectionism isn’t helping.

So with Häcksler #3 I want to try out new styles and ways of making my comics. The stories will have the same quality, I just want to give myself more freedom regarding the final artwork.

The worst thing that could happen? I can’t overcome my perfectionism and you’ll get the same type of drawings like always.

My Kickstarter campaign runs from February 7 to March 2, 2023!

And here’s the cover. Ta-da!