El Herpez #1 – my new comic book series is here!

Back in 2010 El Herpez made his (three-page) debut in my first H├Ącksler comic. At the end of this short little story it said “coming soon…”.

This was honestly a bit too optimistic but I’m really excited to let you know that ten years later El Herpez finally returns!

I’m starting a brand new comic book series about the adventures of John Oziri – a food inspector with very strange and slightly disgusting super powers – and his dog Bobby. The first issue is available for pre-order now and the first story arch will be four or five issues. I hope it doesn’t take me another decade to finish ­čÖé

40 pages, full colour, 16,8 x 26 cm (standard US comic size)

You can check out the first 18 pages over at mycomics.de

If you want to help me making more comics there’s an Super Supporter Package exclusively available in my store

Super Supporter Package
– one copy of El Herpez #1
– one signed copy of El Herpez #1
– one limited and signed high quality A4 art print
– one personalized membership card (design is not final)
– set of 3 postcards
– & stickers ­čÖé

Steroid Max available again

Yay, my 2015 book Steroid Max will be available again soon!

Steroid Max tells the fictitious story of Max – a high school boy and action movie enthusiast whose greatest hero goes missing… 48 pages full of sweat, blood and other tasty fluids – a tribute to 1980s action films!

Steroid Max is available for pre-order in my store now.
48 pages, colour, 17 x 24 cm, softcover, no dialogues, 2nd printing

You can check out the first ten pages over at mycomics.de

And I decided to release a limited art print of my very favourite (and maybe sweatiest!) page. As it contains massive spoilers I won’t show it here. But believe me it’s lovely (in a gross way). Edition of 30.

My first sticker pack

I just released my first sticker pack ever. It contains 13 different stickers. Most of them are die cut and some of them are printed on metallic foil. This first pack is limited to 50 and available in my store now.

Comes in a signed paper envelope.

Special thanks go out to Sticker App for their support!

New enamel pins

I got some new enamel pins! Four new pins are available in my store now. You can show the world that you’re smarter than everybody else or that your just too old for this shit. Or that you simply love pizza…

Every pin comes with a signed backing card. The pizza pin comes in a tiny Pizzeria Disgusto pizza box ­čÖé