Extreme Beer Fest

I teamed up with the folks from BeerAdvocate to design a poster for this year’s Extreme Beer Fest. EBF 2019 is presented by Dogfish Head and takes place this weekend, February 1st and 2nd, in Boston.

It was such a pleasure to illustrate a mosh pit of beer ingredients and create a hand-drawn logotype. There’s also a signed and limited screen print available at the festival and in my online store the week after.

AD: Sarah Vendittelli & Paul Thens

BeerAdvocate Extreme Beer Fest illustration by Michael Hacker BeerAdvocate Extreme Beer Fest illustration by Michael Hacker

Vienna International Gig Poster Show – artist line-up

Here’s the list of all 12 participating artists that will be in Vienna for the third installation of
Vienna International Gig Poster Show during Vinyl & Music Festival on March 2-3, 2019:

Clockwork Pictures
Arrache-toi un Oeil!
Subterranean Prints
Michael Hacker
Serigrafía Monostereo
The Bicycle Press
Señor Burns
The Impossible Machine

Check out their website for details like opening hours, line up and ticket prices

See you in March!


Vienna International Gig Poster Show artists

New art prints: Love Yourself – Aging – Isolation Camp – Flamingos Of Death Metal

I just added a couple of art prints to my store. There’s a brand new version of my Love Yourself! artwork available for pre-order. As well as my Flamingos Of Death Metal and Curious Animals print. Coming soon: a screen print of my Aging comic (from Häcksler #2).

And if you want your favourite Pizzeria Disgusto cartoon(s) as a signed high quality art print you can pre-order your copy of Raveioli, Gnocchi Balboa, Pizza Hawaii, Tiramisurus Rex, Zuppa Mario or every other cartoon from the book now.

Love Yourself art print

Flamingos Eagles Of Death Metal EODM art print

Aging art print

Curious animals Isolation Camp art print

Pizzeria Disgusto art prints